My blog, "Our Cat Jake" will include information from Multiple Sclerosis as well as my interests and even sometimes just random thoughts that pop into my head! I also like to share my favorite shopping sites, recipes and much more! Thanks for coming!!!
You may want to visit some of the MS websites if you know someone with Multiple Sclerosis so that you can learn more about it. I have found that there are many "myths" about it and there is so much information available out there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Sister

I have the best sister in the world. She is the most energetic, inspirational person I have ever met. Her world is so hectic and somehow she always manages to stay happy and hopeful. I love her blog and she is very good at expressing her thoughts and a lot of her recipes! She makes everything from scratch and can whip up something new out of almost anything. Again my sister is amazing and you should visit her blog. You will love it...... Bread and Love.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Jealous Bully Strikes Again

If you read my first post about the girl who threatened my daughter, this is a follow-up. Less then a week later, 2 more threats came to my daughter from this "girl". We in fact did end up speaking with the police and also with the school. We are not pressing charges yet because we want to give her one more chance. How do other kids and students deal with this type of ridiculous, life-ruining behavior? Do you try to ignore it? Do you confront the kid yourself as a parent? In reality, we just want her to go away. We are not vengeful people and do not wish the worst on her but if she doesn't stop then we will have no choice but to press charges. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What's for Dinner?

My least favorite question from my daughter and husband is "what's for dinner"? No matter what my answer is, one of them usually either makes a face or a noise...signaling that they don't think it is worthy to be their dinner. My daughter used to eat almost anything until the past few years. My husband is less picky but is still not the easiest to satisfy.
I would love to get some suggestions for new, easy cheap meals that I can offer my family that they WILL ACTUALLY LIKE!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

How to deal with a jealous bully.

Today my daughter (in picture) received a threat (in writing - not very smart) from a jealous bully. She told my daughter that she is going to "curbstomp" her. Now, my daughter isn't a wimp by any means but she is not one who has any interest in fighting... She is a good student and a nice girl. She is not perfect by any means but was not looking for trouble. She has been trying to ignore the silly comments and childish taunts from this girl and I give her a lot of credit for it. It is very apparent from the incidents that have occurred that the girl is extremely jealous and comes from an extremely dysfunctional family and does not know how to deal with her emotions properly. She used to be a friend of my daughter and became jealous because of the normal teenage thing....a boy. Now for someone to be upset is one thing but to threaten her is another thing. At first we felt that we didn't want to get the girl in trouble but enough is enough.
How would you deal with this situation? Going to the school is the first thing that I am going to do because I don't want this to affect my daughter's good grades. Should we go to the police? Any advice??

Friday, October 5, 2007

Another murder in Spencer...

Once again, not even 6 months after the first murder/suicide in Spencer this year, another has occurred. What is this world coming to? Are we living inside of a Stephen King horror story?

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Welcome to my blog! I am very excited about being able to write and share my thoughts with you and to find out your thoughts too! Our cat Jake is the newest member of our family and he is very inspiring! He is so full of energy and barely stays still! I am 38, married and have a 15 year old daughter. We have 4 cats and a Bourke parrot. Our pets all have their own little personalities! I'm sure you will hear about them all eventually. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 2 years ago. It was a very scary thing to hear. I have read a lot about MS but am still so confused! I would love to hear about your experience with MS. I am on my second MS medication. The first one made me very sick. There is so much to learn and so much research still going on. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She went through chemotherapy, several weeks of radiation and a partial mastectomy. She is so brave and seemed to handle it all so well. I was so worried that she couldn't handle it but seemed to be so much more brave then I ever would be. I am so proud of her and love her so much. That's all for now.